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For over 30 years we have been designing and installing beautiful inground swimming pools. With over 1900 installs we understand that buying a fiberglass swimming pool is a big investment. There are many things to consider and our team of professionals can help you at every step in the process. We can also help you understand the benefits of a SALT WATER pool.

Fiberglass swimming pool styles


Salt Water Fiberglass Pools

What is a Salt Water Pool?
The best type of salt water pool is a Fiberglass pool. Salt water pools or saline based pools use a chlorine generator cell and table salt to produce electrolysis, turning the salt into chlorine. This provides an easy and painless swimming pool to maintain, while keeping your pool free of algae and bacteria.

Maintenance is a breeze!
Clean the chlorine cell once a year to keep calcium deposits at a minimum and sprinkle $10 dollars worth of salt in the water once a month and that's it.

Salt Water Benefits:
- Save money
- Easy to maintain
- Easy on the skin and eyes
- Extend the life of your pool
- Use natural checmical cleaners



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